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The Story So Far

Started off small we were a change management startup that aimed at committing on going to the extra mile to deliver top of the line consulting and advisory services to our clientele and organizations that would enable them to achieve a higher rate of business success. We are a consultation firm that provides thoroughly analyzed and specialized solutions in the areas of Business Excellence and Quality Management; Business Process Management; Project Management and Research and Bench marking.

Taking our work a step further we offered more than our competitors did beyond mere buzz words and terminologies to impress a layman or colorful and nifty PowerPoint pitch decks to woo a person over temporarily, we were always more than that. We vowed to be a company that would provide you exceptional work from start to finish for the perfect experience and customer relations.It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there let us tell you that where the slightest misstep can set you back quite a bit and there shall always be those easy way outs for everyone to get a head start temporarily us on the other hand wanted to cement our position in history to come and in the market to present hence we stand here with our nurtured organizations with their substantially increased productivity and competitiveness, catalyzed growth and learning experience and their exquisite throughput over the time spent

The Story So Far

We are a passionate Change Management startup that aims at delivering top-notch consulting and advisory services to organizations to allow them to achieve better business results. We are a boutique consulting firm that provides highly-specialized solutions in the areas of Business Excellence and Quality Management; Business Process Management; Project management; and Research and Benchmarking.


Total Quality Management

Business Excellence

Selecting frameworks, assessing maturity, establishing units, and road-mapping excellence strategies and awards planning 

Quality Management

Deep-dive audits, implementing standards, and supporting certification/re- certification processes

Operational Excellence

Reviewing operations, analyzing performance, and enacting improvement strategies

Professional Development

Assessing team competencies, customizing training and professional development programs 

Business Process Management

Strategies and Governance

Baselining the maturity level, assigning the future state, developing strategies, establishing departments, and producing methodologies and governance structures

Process Inventories

Reviewing business activities, listing, and inventorying both the As-Is and To-Be processes 

Design and Re-engineering

Process analysis, design, documentation, modeling, and re-engineering as

Technology Transformation

Technologies and solutions advisory and IT strategy alignment with the process- oriented approach 

Project Management

Maturity and Road map

Reviewing the project management function, articulating the future improved state, and devising action plans

PMO and Functional Units

Establishing the Project Management Office (PMO), functional mandates, org. structure, value proposition, process landscape,  methodologies, governing structures, and other departmentalization elements

Oversight and Supervision

Supporting on the process of managing and oversighting projects throughout its different stages and phases

Research and Benchmarking


Company profiling, policy and regulatory research, conducting interviews, focus groups, administering surveys and questionnaire, and mystery shopping


Managing end-to-end bench marking process


Trigger a Chain of Benefits Realization and Value Derivation


Depart From the Command and Control Structure Into a Process-Driven One


Strike a Balance between Strategic Direction and Projects Delivery Efforts

Research & Benchmarking

Let us help you appreciate the ecosystem(s) of a company better.Corporate surveillance, benchmarking, and legislative and administrative frameworks.Do mystery shopping, conferences, focus tests and submit findings

Why to Partner with Us?

Four keys theme that make us an exceptionally reliable


As a startup we are flexible and agile without any bureaucratic obstacles. We take the job, dedicate ourselves to it– deliver it faster than established corporates which enables clientele to put solutions into action quicker , observe the results and impacts, and act accordingly.


Possessing extensive expertise within the areas of our services gained through the engagement within several transformation programs in both the public and private spheres. We also have different collaboration arrangements that allow us to mobilize functional experts in the fields of application as needed.


We work diligently that our deliverables convey the value that is contemplated from the engagement. We deliver value for money, a top-tier high quality works with a very competitive price. We enrich your intellectual capital through focusing on knowledge transfer and working closely with your teams.


We provide a gateway to the latest insights, technologies, and practices within the industry. We developed a collaborative network consisting of several professional bodies, industry associations, and academic communities-- giving us the abilities to delve into different databases and using a myriad of tools and technologies.


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