During this unprecedented time, we realize how humanity and only humanity is the strongest gathering factor. Our thoughts are with every and each one during this challenging moment—that has impacted everyone’s life. Although we are returning slowly yet cautiously to our lives before the pandemic spread, we can not deny the fact that this disease will have lasting impacts on our world.

Our key priority during this time is to maintain a healthy and safe workplace and that is accommodated through the stringent adherence to the hygienic measures recommended by the World Health Organization and local authorities. Also, we take physical distancing principles to an extreme extent by implementing a protocol and a set of instructions that reconfigured the way the workplace is designed and people communicate. We try to extend these to our clients and suppliers and benefit from their expertise too.

We believe that businesses of any size have a social role to play, and being a small one doesn’t relieve us from this. We are trying to be part of any initiatives in this regard—by providing our solutions for free and sourcing more services from the local SME ecosystem. As the world changes, we are not immune to this. We frequently rethinking our business model whilst stressing innovation, creativity, and resiliency as the catalysts to the future state.

Stay safe and unite,

Mappers Team