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We are a passionate Change Management startup that aims at delivering top-notch consulting and advisory services.

Story So Far

We are a passionate Change Management startup that aims at delivering top-notch consulting and advisory services to organizations to allow them to achieve better business results. We are a boutique consulting firm that provides highly-specialized solutions in the areas of Business Excellence and Quality Management; Business Process Management; Project management; and Research and Benchmarking. We came to the consulting and research arena to offer a distinguished experience to our clientele that extends far beyond buzz words and terminologies, fuzzy language and jargon, and nifty PowerPoint decks. It’s a fierce market, indeed! Competitive, certainly! Underpinned by rigid rules, indisputable! But these hardships are what brought us here. Our raison d’etre surpasses financial statements towards nurturing organizations’ learning experience, improving its productivity and competitiveness, catalyzing growth opportunities, and allowing them to deliver value in a sustainable and equitable manner.

We came to the market not to survive or thrive only but to Change the Rules of the Game!

Mohammed AlWaqfi

Meet the Mind behind Mappers

Mohammed is a C-Level advisor with more than one decade of enacting strategies and delivering programs within the areas of quality management, business, and operational excellence, Program and Project Management,  and business process management. During his different corporate roles and business ventures, Mohammed led and contributed to the success of various prestigious and complex inter-industry multi-million dollar projects across the region.
He is very convergent with a wide variety of standards, codes, and frameworks; holds certification from several professional bodies; and is a chartered member of a myriad of industry associations and communities. Mohammed holds MSc in Engineering Management from the University of Birmingham. And for the last 5 years, he was having senior advising and consulting roles within a regional transformation program.                                       
In his free time, ” Mohammed tries to clear his reading backlog. He is fond of strength training although he is always troubled with skinny bodybuilders asking do you even lift, bro?”
Mohammed is a well-recognized Total Quality Management Advisor, EFQM Excellence Model Assessor and Validator, ISO Expert, and a Senior Project Management Professional.

Why to Partner with Us?

Four keys themes that make us an exceptionally reliable business partner


As a startup we are flexible and agile without any bureaucratic obstacles. We take the job, dedicate ourselves to it– deliver it faster than established corporates which enables clients to put solutions into action quicker , observe the results and impacts, and act accordingly.


Possessing extensive expertise within the areas of our services gained through engagement within several transformation programs in both the public and private spheres. We also have different collaboration arrangements that allow us to mobilize functional experts in the fields of application as needed.


We work diligently that our deliverables convey the value that is contemplated from the engagement. We deliver value for money, a top-tier high quality works with a very competitive price. We enrich your intellectual capital through focusing on knowledge transfer and working closely with your teams.


We provide a gateway to the latest insights, technologies, and practices within the industry. We developed a collaborative network consisting of several professional bodies, industry associations, and academic communities– giving us the abilities to delve into different databases and using a myriad of tools and technologies.

A Set of Characteristics That Sets Us Apart


We maintain a value paradigm that stresses creativity, agility, and customer service, enabling us to deliver insightful solutions for outstanding results. All of our work strives to be unique and specifically catered to each case for more efficiency and a better experience for all to come.


We deliver strategies for corporate success and quality control but we walk the walk first. Such values and beliefs are embedded and intertwined within our culture and business activities, where we are committed to them in our approaches from planning to execution.


We are part of a large network of professional organizations, business, and sector groups, and research institutions to remain aligned with the latest developments and state-of-the-art approaches in our workstreams. This allows us to deliver everyone the latest and greatest solutions for faster operations across the board>


We are a brave startup — we stand squarely before threats and uncertainties, we pursue robust differentiating approaches and we take chances with confidence. So all happens in an atmosphere where the principles of the profession reign so ethical judgment is structurally practiced meaning every step that we take is so precisely calculated that every move shall always be in our favor, as they say, you got to risk

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